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          Quant is a global leader in industrial maintenance. For over 25 years, we have been realizing the full potential of maintenance for our customers.前腾是全球工业维护服务领导者。二十五年多以来,我们致力于为客户发掘维护服务的全部潜力。
          From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance culture, to optimising maintenance cost and improving plant performance, our people make the difference.从植入严谨的安全规程和建立真正的维护服务文化,到最大程度地降低维护服务成本和提升工厂绩效,我们为客户带来与众不同的体验。

          We are passionate about maintenance and proud of ensuring we achieve our customers’ goals in the most professional way.我们热爱维护服务,为我们的专业服务能确保达成客户的目标而自豪。

          Prior to 2015 we were known as ABB Full Service. Today we employ more than 2,500 people all over the World.2015年以前,我们以ABB全责绩效服务的名字为人所熟知。如今,前腾已在全球拥有2,500多名员工。



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