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          • 学历要求: 不限
          • 工作经验: 5年以上
          • 更新时间: 2019-08-18
          • 招聘人数: 若干
          • 招聘对象: 社会人才
          • 工作地区: 江苏-苏州市-昆山市
          • 年龄要求: 不限
          1. To build up and keep a long term relationship with customers to develop, promote business opportunity.
          Visit customer regularly, collect customer\\\'s information, demand, feedback, update timely internally, make sure to get the right person for key decision.
          Call Report after the customer visit / meeting.

          2. Perform paper machine audits and customer service investigations on site to develop business opportunity
          Forwardly participate in customer\\\'s troubleshooting and provide professional suggestion and recommendation of Voith Paper PM PEC /Rebuild solution to customers

          3. Introduce Voith Paper PM PEC /Rebuild and technology and promote its value to customer, and work out tailor-made solution for paper mill
          Present Voith Paper PM PEC/Rebuild product in details to customers and coordinate with them to finalize the appropriate technology, scope of supply and price
          Based on the communication with customer, work closely with internal department such as Product Manager / Application / Technology /Commercial to work out tailor-made solution according to customer’s demand.

          4. Capable to handle / lead the technical discussion / commercial negotiation according to Voith guidelines.

          5. Achieve the target of Order Receive set annually through personal effort and team work. Collect competitor\\\'s information and promote Voith brand imagine to help customer learn more about technical strength of Voith Paper

          6. Share customer\\\'s information and provide support to other Voith Paper\\\'s business. Positively share customer\\\'s information with other business department, and help to build up initial connection

          7. Support to prepare success story to Marketing

          8. Help to invite customer to attend Voith Paper\\\'s marketing activities

          9. Cooperate with OTC colleagues for successful execution of rebuild projects.

          1. 5 years or above of working experience in paper industry, better to have related experience in sales
          2. Better to have the background of Paper mill experience.
          3. Bechlor or above, better Paper Making specialty
          4. Fluent English both in speaking and writting
          5. Good office software skill
          6. Great interpersonal skill
          7. Great communication skill
          8. Presentation skill
          9. Meeting skill
          10. Negotiation skill
          11. Problem solving skill
          12. Initiative working
          13. Good team player
          14. Customer oriented
          15. Result oriented
          16. Willing to travel

          职位类别: 其他

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          • 公司规模:1000人以上
          • 公司性质:外商独资
          • 所属行业:机械设备
          • 所在地区:江苏-苏州市-昆山市
          • 公司主页:
          • 联系人:HR
          • 手机:
          • 邮箱:会员登录后才可查看
          • 邮政编码:215300
          • 地址:昆山市晨丰路199号
          400-884-1001 时时彩・时时彩客服热线
          027-59271766 求职热线:027-59271757
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